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 As wooden boat specialists we value their enduring spirit, and work to repair and restore wooden boats to their full potential.


We can help keep your boat in tip top condition, or working soundly as a practical craft.


Boatbuilder in East Midlands


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viking bird sailing 10sept11 082 viking bird preseason 3 IMG_3059 Wisbech Yacht Harbour Crab Marsh Wisbech 52ft harbour launch, Originally a steam powered boat currently under renovations for use as a houseboat on the Nene

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Ed Cotterill's boat launch March 2014 Wisbech boat repairs Almara april 2014

'Blue Haze' 52ft harbour launch, steam bending double diagonal teak on former prior to fixing 2012

'Blue Haze' launch day 2014 Wisbech

Almara being moved to new shed during restoration works

'Evening Flight' broads cruiser replanking, larch replacing the original pine.

Wooden Boats, Build, Repair, Maintenance, and Logistical Support

Annette Musk's Folkboat 'Viking Bird' heads fitting, revarninsh, strongpoint installation for safety lines, winch fitting to mast and preseason works...

Viking bird Seacock pre-antifouling viking bird discharge seacock

'Viking Bird' on the Orwell

Wooden boats and repairs