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Macwester 32 'Starshine' GRP repairs to starboard and Bow. New steel knee designed and fabricated for stem forestay strengthening. Gelcoat repairs. Stearing box repairs with epoxy attachement to hull internal and bulkhead.

Collision damage to starboard repaired onsite by JGC Tovey GRP boat repairs
starshine GRP and gelcoat repairs to hull

A composite 505 dinghy designed by John Westell in the 1950's this version originally built by Parker Boats, Boston, Lincs, UK in the 1970's
Serial number 1317, we think it is sail number 5044... the hull marking had been lost in a previous rebuild!

List of works include:

Label and store original fittings and rigging
Remove all rotten and delaminated wood and glass tape
Grind all damaged sections from hull and repair in polyester or epoxy where appropriate
Grind out old repairs, thick paint and non slip sheet from centerboard and cockpit areas and repair in epoxy glass
Replace fwd bulkhead lower section and front of bouyancy tanks
Replace all backbone foward of centreboard case including maststep
Replace rotten reinforcement pads and stiffeners with wood or epoxy where appropriate
Rebuild capping rails to all knees and centreboard case in epoxy-wood
Rebond seating to hull
Replace deckbeams and mastpartners including redesign of aft deck beam and deck area
Rebuild and repair through bouyancy tank jib furling tubes and spinnaker chute drain piping
Rebuild foredeck in lightwieght 3.6mm ply and polyurethane/canvas
Make carbon spinnaker pole to class length
Make new rudder blade
Make new mast ram from old pattern
Rebuild rubbing strakes and upper transom in Utile
Source replacement usable second hand sails, minor repairs where needed
Replace running rigging and standing rigging where needed
Apply new nonslip to side decks
Refit original blocks and cleats replacing with new as necessary
Redesign trapeze bungy placement
Fairing and refinishing of hull and paintwork as required
Nonslip finish to rubbing strakes midships
Modify trailer to better support boat hull.

505 rutland water

As found after years of neglect

Ready to sail!

JGC Tovey New Works and Restorations is based to the west of Peterborough
within easy reach of Rutland Water and Graffham water as well as the A1m, A14
and A47 for the Wash, the North Norfolk and the Suffolk coasts. If you think
we can help you don't hesitate to get in contact, quotes available on request:

Landline: 01733380617 email: JGCTovey@aol.com


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freeman 32, Silver Pearl came to us after 4 years laid up. Inside the wooden structure had been badly degraded by water ingress from the rotten decks. whilst much of the fitout is savable but it needed removal to deal with the beams, knees and formers. The original engines are being rebuillt and the keel bolts replaced whilst the boat is apart. The boat is from the 1960's believed to be one of the earliest freeman 32's. She has a GRP hull and cabin roofs with mahogany framework and fittout. The deckbeams are of a hard to identify timber but look to be a light hardwood possibly birch or maple
Iris Rose GRP motorboat restoration including deck and windshield repairs and refinishing the hull and decks including antifouling
Jim Tovey GRP modifications to Geof Hall's 32ft Free Spirit riverboat new hatch moulding was build in situ in GRP with front window grp repairs and replacement of window itself

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